Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

Pevita Pearce Hot Pics..What Do You Think Guys??

Pevita Eileen Pearce or Pevita Pearce (born in Jakarta, October 6th 1992) is a new movie actress of Indonesia. She has mix blood from England and Banjarmasin of her parents Bramwell Pearce and Ernie Auliasari. She became famous with film : Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan (2006) as Angel. This film is first experience of Pevita in acting. Then she acted in "Lost in Love" with 2 famous actors Richard Kevin and Arifin Putra. Now she finished her new film with title "Rasa". She acted in this film with Christian Sugiono.
As a new famous celebrity she also got gossip when her hot pics with her two friends available on internet. I think it's not a first time for celebrity has hot gossip like this. As we know before there are Sherina hot pics and Video syur Wulan Guritno on internet also became the hot gossip in public. But whatever gossip says these 2 celebrities still become famous. And now what do you think about Pevita Pearce hot pics as we know she's still the young girl??